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Ashley Air, LLC acquires majority stake in Via Airlines, Inc.

Ashley Air, LLC acquires majority stake in Via Airlines, Inc.

July 5, 2019, (Atlanta, GA): Ashley Air announced today that it has acquired majority stake of the outstanding stock of Via Airlines, Inc. As a part of their purchase agreement, Ashley Air will take control of operations and infuse a significant amount of capital into the airline to help stabilize the operation and assure the highest level of service is restored to its travelers.
The closing of this transaction is a significant accomplishment and marks a great day in the history for Ashley Air CEO John Ashley Jr, as it makes him the second African American to ever own and operate a major airline in U.S. aviation history. In his new role as Chairman and CEO of Via Airlines, Mr. Ashley will handle the day to day activities and assure a smooth transition and integration of both companies.
“Our first order of business is to rebuild Via Airline’s operational capabilities with a significant capital infusion and new management and direction to maximize its potential, satisfy the market demand and slowly expand to the hundreds of communities that desperately need direct air service. Ashley Air is aware of the strengths, problems and weaknesses that need to be addressed at Via Airlines and will be addressing those issue’s immediately as to assure the public that those things will and have been corrected as to the cancellations, inability to contact our offices or representatives, address issue’s of refunds to those affected, improvements to achieve on-time flights, better flight completion rate, and improved customer service.
“We are extremely excited to enter into this purchase agreement with Ashley Air. It is great news for our company and the communities that need the direct air service.” Irit Vizer, ex-President and COO of Via Airlines. “The strong infrastructure we created combined with Ashley Air’s capital, management skills and market awareness and expertise forms a true new Via Airlines to be reckoned with in the aviation industry. Ashley Air’s purchase of Via Airlines will enable a stronger future with a stable growth for Via Airlines in ways that simply would not be possible without this deal. “The timing of today’s closing in the current market environment could not be more important, With many airlines pulling out of smaller communities, the NEW Via Airlines brings many strengths to bear. Ashley Air not only brings profitability and financial strength to make this deal feasible, but it also positions the combined companies with an industry-leading investment grade balance sheet to address growing market demand.
“With today’s closing it marks an important first step to rebuilding Via Airline and fulfilling our mission to spread low fares farther and increase competition throughout the airline industry,” John Ashley CEO of Ashley Air.


About Ashley Air LLC
Ashley Air is a leading public 380 indirect air carrier offering travel in multiple cities across the US. With a clear goal of offering a reliable product with exemplary Customer Service, Ashley Air continues to expand its offering and strengthen its infrastructure. Ashley Air’s goal is to be one of the most honored airlines in the world known for its commitment to the triple bottom line of Performance, People, and Planet.


About Via Airlines
Founded over 21 years ago, Via Airlines is a regional airline operating 50 passenger airplanes across continental USA. Via Airlines was the first airline to be certified in the FAA’s Part 5 Safety Management System and operates a fleet of Embraer ERJ-145’s in a 50-seat configuration.
Via Airlines’ infrastructure supports air service throughout the continental U.S., offering passengers the ability to travel cost-effectively, conveniently, and in comfort.


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